Your Essential Guide to Choosing Patient Chairs and Dental Units for Your Dental Clinic

Whether you are outfitting your new dental clinic or are planning to replace your old equipment with new ones, you have a lot of considerations to think about. It’s essential to choose the proper dental equipment and supplies for your needs, especially when it comes to major elements such as patient chairs and dental units. Are you wondering how you can make the right choice and investment? Here, then, is your essential guide to choosing patient chairs and dental units for your dental clinic.

 Choosing a patient chair

When it comes to choosing the right patient chair, comfort and accessibility are key factors. That being said, make sure the chair you choose has a strong and stable lifting mechanism and base. One tip: a chair operating on hydraulics is often better than a chair comprised of a screw driver mechanism. It’s also better for the chair to have upholstery which can be removed and is seamless so it can be easily cleaned or repaired. Vinyl is a good choice for this, as it is better at withstanding procedures involving disinfection.

The chair should also have a headrest which is adjustable as well as an ergonomic, well-contoured style and design for your patient’s comfort and for your own visibility. Speaking of your patient’s comfort, some support for the lumbar area is recommended as well. When testing the chair, see if it has armrests which are movable, which can be a great convenience to patients, especially those in a wheelchair. The chair would also need to have a touch pad or foot controls for easy adjustment along with an auto return featuring a safety stop and automatic preset for better positioning.

 Choosing a dental unit

When it comes to selecting a dental unit, there are some prime considerations. Opt for a fibre-optic outlet in high speed – if you can get two, the entire better to avoid downtime. Along with this, the dental unit should have one fibre-optic outlet in low speed, and smooth snap off/on connectors to the handpiece for better efficiency and handpiece sterilization.

There should also be a flush system for the handpiece for enhanced control when it comes to infection prevention, and the tubing should not be ribbed so it can be more easily cleaned, maintained, and disinfected. To avoid infection, it would also be better to have a dental unit equipped with valves which are of the anti-retraction variety. If you want better efficiency during sterilization and operation procedures, it’s better to opt for quick and fast connect and disconnect evacuators which are also sterilisable and in high and low volumes. A self-contained system for water is also recommended.

When it comes to your dental equipment and dental supplies, it’s crucial to choose only the best. These are an investment, after all, and you would want your investment to pay off in the end.


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