Why You Should Not Wait Any Longer To Have Your Lasik Eye Surgery in Singapore

Lasik eye surgery is trending these days due to the high success rate of this medical procedure. In Singapore, W Eye Clinic leads the pack of expert and world renowned eye surgeons who specialize in correcting many defects in vision. While it is true that surgeries in general always come with risks, there are plenty of advantages to braving the procedure.

There is a high success rate. As long as the patient was assessed properly by a credible clinic like the W Eye Surgery Clinic Singapore, the chances of success are very high. For many individuals who have gone through the procedure, almost 100% of them were able to enjoy an almost immediate improvement in their vision. Some patients even swear that they were able to regain a 20/20 vision after a successful surgery.

The surgery is relatively painless. There will be discomfort after the surgery, but compared to other surgeries, Lasik surgery from W Eye Clinic Singapore is linked with very little post-operative pain. You might not even have to miss work the next day because for most people, the pain is manageable enough to tolerate while working. You might be asked to wear a special eye wear, though, and you might not be allowed to drive yet until your observation phase is over.

The vision correction is usually experienced shortly after the surgery. Some patients of W Eye Clinic Singapore were able to experience a significant improvement in their vision a few hours after the surgery. Those who had even better experiences have reportedly been able to experience full vision correction immediately after the surgery. Unlike other surgical procedures, the benefits of lasik surgery are realized over a shorter period of time, leaving patients with a sense of fulfillment and a feeling of relief that they went through with the procedure despite the risks.

The risks are small compared to other surgical procedures. The most common side-effects of lasik eye surgery include dryness in the operative eye and seeing “halos” or glaring around bright objects. These are usually corrected easily by a follow up lasik eye surgery, or in some cases, they simply go away once the operative eye has had a chance to adjust to the changes around the cornea. Rare risks include a possible decrease in “best vision” when the patient is wearing corrective lenses, or in some cases, the inability to drive at night because the corneal changes have affected the eye’s ability to adjust to light and darkness. These are very rare side effects though. Given that the procedure was performed by a credible surgeon, these risks are miniscule and are not at all life threatening.

When done correctly, this surgery can improve one’s lifestyle. Imagine not having to wear contact lenses again or corrective eye glasses. People who have been wearing glasses all their lives would give anything just to give this surgery a shot. If you are interested in Lasik eye surgery, trust only the experts in the field. Contact the specialists in WEyeClinic.sg today and book a consultation. You won’t regret it.

WEyeClinic.sg is an eye care facility known for the LASIK, advanced surface ablation, intra-ocular lens implant, and other eye care services.

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