Why it is important to look after your feet

There are a range of different issues that occur if you don’t look after your feet, one of the worst being collapsed foot arches, also known as flat feet. While there are many people that don’t experience many problems with this condition, if your foot arches fall as an adult rather than developing flat at a young age, you are likely to experience a lot of different pains and aches that can get worse if you don’t address the problem. When your arches fall as an adult the most common symptom you’ll experience is a sharp pain in the arch of your foot that can sometimes spread to your heel. This pain can make it difficult to walk and in worst cases you might experience this pain in your legs, knees and back if you neglect it for too long. This is because your fallen arch isn’t supporting your weight properly. Instead of holding your weight over your foot and distributing it evenly, your foot will roll in and your weight will lie on the flattened sole. Your knees might turn as a result and your rotated knees will affect you r hips and back. Flat feet can misalign your joints and put strain on them, which can lead to severe pain and bone collapse in worst case scenarios. As well as this, your ankles might swell and you would find it especially painful to bend your feet, which means that running, jumping and standing on your toes will become too painful to do. Overall, you should know that one seemingly minor problem in your foot could have devastating effects around your body.

If you think that you might have flat feet there is an easy test that you can do at home to find out. Dampen the soles of your feet and step onto a dry surface where you might leave a footprint (like a coloured piece of paper). If you can accurately see the entire outline of your foot in your footprint then it is likely that your arches have fallen. When your feet have healthy arches, your footprint will likely have a crescent of negative space in their footprint where their arches are lifted off of the floor. However, the only certain way to know is by seeing a podiatrist. It’s common for fallen arches to run in the family, so if your parents or siblings have flat feet it’s a good idea to get your feet checked, just in case.

Some of the worst contributors to fallen arches are weight gain and improper footwear. Occasionally, foot injuries that aren’t addressed, such as sprained ankles, can lead to collapsed arches. Buy Orthopaedic Inserts to prevent flat feet if your shoes don’t give your adequate support and maintain a healthy weight. If you are already suffering from flat feet, consult a podiatrist to discuss possible treatments, like physical therapy and special exercises to strengthen your foot arches. Don’t ignore the problem if you’re already noticing pains and make sure to take care of your feet.

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