What Forms of Yoga are not safe During Pregnancy?

Exercises are essential for our body as they develop stamina and make our muscles strong. During pregnancy also they play an important role by maintaining the weight and easing the process of delivery.

Yoga in pregnancy is the best form of exercise. It not only provides strength to the muscles but also brings flexibility. It also helps in easing tensions. But before starting yoga in pregnancy you should consult your doctor and do it under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. Although many poses can be modified according to the condition of the pregnant woman some are complete no.Some poses which should not be tried in pregnancy are:

Twists while standing: Standing twists should be avoided in early days because they can lead to miscarriage. They put excess pressure on abdomen. Twists on shoulders and upper back are allowed during pregnancy. Relaxing is a hormone produced in pregnancy which makes joints soft and if too much pressure is put it can lead to dislocation.
Back bending and doing inverted poses: There is a fluctuation in blood pressure during pregnancy therefore in order to avoid falls one should not do inverted poses. The blood circulation to uterus is also affected. Bending backward is also avoidable. This affects the abdomen and can be harmful for the baby.
Some breathing exercises: Pranayam or breathing exercises help in providing sufficient oxygen to the body. It helps in easing tensions. But holding breath is not allowed.
Upside down: Standing upside down or shoulder stands are strictly prohibited. These postures hinder blood circulation and put pressure on placenta and can also lead to critical situations like umbical chord being tied around the neck of the baby.
Stomach Pressure: With the advancement in pregnancy the abdominal muscles stretch. Any pose that puts pressure on the abdomen should not be done. Poses that need lying on the back should be avoided.

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