What Exactly is Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise and therapy that helps many people grow stronger over time. It also helps them grow more confident and in control of their bodies. The focus of Pilates is being aware of your breathing and keeping your body in balance. That is mind and body balance. The practice was created by a German researcher named Joseph Pilates. He called his practice Contrology but it has since come to be known by his name. He called it contrology because he focused on maintaining physical and mental control of yourself, which would create the balance you need to stay healthy and strong.


Pilates, as it has come to be known, is similar to many other types of exercise that focus on your breathing, your balance, and your strength. The various yoga practices are the most well-known of these practices. Joseph Pilates did not actually study yoga before he developed contrology even though so many of the positions and motions are similar to yoga moves. That is just evidence that the techniques of Pilates are timeless and very effective; they developed independently of yoga but many of them came to the same conclusions. If you need Pilates in Cockburn, you should see a talented professional. A professional will be able to carefully guide you through the movements so that you do them right.

All about Balance

Pilates is all about balance and control. Balance is not just physical; it is also the balance that come from being aware of your thoughts. It is a sort of mindfulness practice. As far as physical therapy is concerned, the physical balance is most important. When you are injured or have some kind of need for physical therapy, there is often an imbalance in your body. For example, if you hurt one knee but not the other, your legs will become unbalanced, and you will need to bring them back into balance. Otherwise, you will risk other problems in the future. If your legs are not properly balanced, it would change your gait. That change could cause hip, back, and shoulder problems in the future.

Furthermore, you could have problems that actually develop with your other knee. That is one of the ironies of an imbalanced body; if you have an imbalance, the added stress on the healthy body part could actually lead to overuse injury. You need Pilates as soon as you are cleared by a doctor to begin physical therapy. So many Pilates manoeuvres can be modified to be somewhat simpler or easier if you have mobility issues. A good Pilates instructor will be able to adjust and edit the different manoeuvres for your needs. With that in mind, they’ll be able to help you develop balance and stay healthy.

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