What Does A Post-Natal Workout Programme Involve

When you have had a baby, you might find that your body does not look the way that you want it. One of the natural side-effects of pregnancy is that you can gain a lot of weight.

This is because, throughout the nine-month pregnancy, you have been eating for yourself and for the baby as well.

You should find a Liverpool City Centre Gym that can offer you a full body workout once the baby has been born. You can start the post-baby workout whenever you want. Some mothers choose to start the day after their baby has been born, whilst other will want to wait a week or two.

Different programmes last for different amounts of time. Typically a post-natal workout programme will last between 12-24 weeks. You can choose how long you are on a programme for.

 There are lots of different aspects to a post-natal workout programme.


You will not start a post-natal training programme without a comprehensive consultation by a fully qualified personal trainer. This consultation is designed to work out how much body fat you have.

The personal trainer will also ask you about other areas that you want to work on, such as strengthening your pelvic floor. Your pelvic floor can become weakened after you have given birth, so you may want to firm it up again.

One To Three Personal Training Sessions In One Week

It is important that you do not strain your body when you have just had a baby. The previous nine-month have seen you go through a lot of changes. The training programme will not require you to be in the gym every day of the week. Instead, you can choose programmes which occur from one to three times a week.

Then you will have plenty of time to recuperate at home without feeling that you are doing too much. The personal trainers will be able to recognise when you are struggling with the workload that has been set for you during a session.

Personalised Training Plan

When you want to have a post-natal training programme, some exercises might be damaging to your body or you might not be able to do these exercises effectively. The personal trainer will assess you carefully to find out which exercises are going to cause you a problem, and which exercises are going to benefit you immeasurably.

Once the personalised training plan has been finalised, you can then begin the programme and see it through to completion.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Weight gain is the most obvious sign of pregnancy. When you are pregnant your hormones can lead you to eat large quantities of very unhealthy food. A quality gym that specialises in post-natal workouts will be able to create meal plans that are healthy and delicious.

You should choose a post-natal workout programme that is run by fully qualified personal trainers. You will quickly lose the weight you gained during pregnancy.

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