Top Essential oils for chakras and its balancing

There is a huge need to balance your seven chakras and to balance them; the first step is to know which chakra needs the utmost balancing. If you are experiencing any specific malady which can be traced to one part of body, it will also be easier in figuring out as which of the chakra will be able enough in corresponding to body parts. When feeling the overall sense of being unwell or unease, it can also be prudent for working on all chakras as whole. Balancing of whole system of these 7 chakras can even ensure that you are eliminating and blocking energy which is holding the back or causing pain and discomfort. Get to know about the Essential oils for chakras and its balancing.

Handling of essential oils

It is also important for all to handle the essential oils carefully and even apply them as per the directions. As stated, making use of the carrier oils are one of the best way for applying the essential oils to skin in effective and safe manner. In many of the cases, using the carrier oil even aids essential oil in penetration of skin. The Essential oils for chakras and its balancing are termed as best and you can even find that some of the oils are effective for specific chakras only. it is because every person is different and it responds differently on people too.

In case, one essential oil doesn’t works for you, you can try the other one for good results. The list of the following oils is effective for related chakras as,

  • Root chakra: you can get the rose wood, ginger, sandalwood or cedar and rosemary oil
  • Sacral chakra: for this chakra, get the ylang, ylang, jasmine, rose or sandalwood
  • Solar plexus chakra, for this, get the bergamot, sandalwood, rose, frankincense, chamomile
  • Heart chakra: lavender, frankincense, rosemary can be good
  • Throat chakra: sandalwood, ylangylang or jasmine is good
  • 3rd eye chakra: use vetiver, frankincense or rosemary oil
  • Crown chakra: vetiver, rosewood, lavender oil are good

When it comes on the balancing of root chakra, it is good if you will dilute the carrier oil and apply to soles of feet. Good ratio of around 4 drops of oil or 4 drops of carrier oil can do wonders. The root chakra is basically related to legs and feet and positively benefits from oils can be achieved. For blockage in sacral chakra, the diluted essential oils can also be massaged into lower abdomen, few inches right below belly button or lower back. the oils are used for balancing sacral chakra can even added to bath products and body as body treatments and lotions.


The essential oils have transformative effective on all of these chakras and they are also the key for unlocking their power. Choose to balance chakras with these oils can termed as good self-care.  Learn more about these oils as well as chakras and get to know about its effectiveness.


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