Top 4 Health and Fitness Myths Busted

With the increased popularity of fitness these days, many people find themselves hitting the gym and going on a diet. Everyone wants to keep up with the latest healthy living trends. Not to mention that many people join fitness classes to socialise and meet new friends.

To keep up many people try to become their own nutritionist or personal trainers. However, this is not always a good idea. There are plenty of situations where the guidance of an expert professional simply can’t be beaten. So we’ve gathered some top info to dispel myths about fitness.

Myth 1: The More You Sweat The More Calories You Burn

Truth: Sweating only cools down your body.

It is often suggested that when you work out vigorously you’ll sweat out your calories. Alternatively, it is often suggested as well that the more you sweat the more calories you are burning. This is a total fitness myth.

The truth is that our bodies warm up when we start to exercise. This activates our sweat glands. The more we exercise, the hotter we become and the more we sweat. It has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of calories we burn, it is simply a way for the body to cool down.

Myth 2: After Working Out, Stretching Helps Your Body Recover Faster

Truth: Stretching won’t reduce soreness or stimulate muscle tissue repair.

When you hit the gym your personal trainer London or friends might suggest you stretch out afterwards. Many people believe that this is because it can reduce soreness after exercising. However, while stretching is beneficial it won’t reduce your soreness.

You should still stretch though. Stretching after a workout can help you increase your flexibility.

Myth 3: All Vegetables Are Equally Healthy

Truth: Vegetables are not all the same, they have different vitamins and calories; for a varied diet include several different types of vegetables

We all have our own preferences when it comes to food. Yet, you shouldn’t let these preferences rule your diet. Don’t ignore healthy vegetables just because you don’t like them as much.

Every vegetable is a source of healthy vitamins. You need a variety to eat a balanced diet and receive all the necessary vitamins. If you really don’t like a vegetable ask your nutritionist in London if there is a better alternative. That way you don’t miss out on your essential nutrients.

Myth 4: Detoxifying And Cleansing Will Boost Your Performance

Truth: In many cases detoxes and cleanses aren’t beneficial.

By taking a detox or a cleanse you could deprive yourself of essential nutrients. This can leave you feeling drained of energy and lethargic. Without the energy you need you may not even want to exercise. So, something that is supposed to make you healthier can actually set you back. For this reason, it is best to stick with proper nutrition advice and avoid both detoxes and cleanses.

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