Three Reasons to Have an Eye Examination

There are a large number of reasons you should have an eye examination from a trained professional, and any one of those reasons should be enough to get you online or on the phone to make your appointment. This is because you receive only two working eyes in your lifetime, if you are not born blind, and it is imperative that you protect those eyes to avoid any potential trouble later on down the road. Your eyes allow you to perceive the world around you, and although they may never be able to see as much as some other animals see, they are the best thing you have in life and are rather easy to maintain.


You must have an eye examination at least once a year to avoid the development of many eye conditions and diseases over time. A serious problem can occur in a matter of moments, but any lasting or odd problems with your vision or depth perception over time are also serious signs of trouble. This is because a number of eye conditions such as a loss of depth perception develop slowly, causing symptoms to go unnoticed for quite some time.

One reason you need to learn more about an eye clinic in Singapore is that your vision may grow worse by the year, forcing you to continue wearing stronger and stronger prescription lenses to correct the issue. If you were to go longer than a single year between eye examinations, your current glasses may no longer be strong enough to provide clear vision, which may actually become a danger to you and to others whenever you drive, ride a bicycle, or walk up and down the streets.


It may surprise you to learn that there are some eye diseases and conditions that show no symptoms at all until it is too late for effective treatment methods to do much good. Glaucoma is a serious eye disease known to cause blindness if not properly treated in time, but doing so can be difficult since there are very few signs that indicate you have the disease until it has already progressed. Macular degeneration or cataracts also develop so gradually that many do not even realise they have lost the strength of their vision until it is advanced, but a professional would know the difference with a simple test of your sight and examination.


You will not receive treatment for any conditions from which you may suffer unless you have a diagnosis from a professional stating they exist, and to discover the existence of any conditions, you must visit the clinic. This must be done annually or even biannually, depending on the known existence of any conditions you may already have, to ensure you retain your sight for the future without any sudden interruptions. Treatments options vary including the simple creation of corrective lenses such as contacts or eye glasses, laser surgery, retinal reattachment, and much more.


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