The benefits of having health insurance whilst travelling

So many of us look forward to travelling and going on holiday. The adventure of the unknown and being able to escape the reality and the hum-drum of your everyday life is massively appealing. But what happens when you’ve saved up for the holiday of a lifetime and you end up getting sick or injured? This is a traveller’s worst nightmare, so it is really important to know that there are solutions in place that will ensure your travel plans are not ground to a complete halt and the level of stress associated with an event such as an illness or injury is greatly reduced.

In the UK we are privileged to know that we are able to receive free healthcare through the NHS, which can mean we are sometimes left unaware of the cost of healthcare in other parts of the world. As well as this, knowing the quality of the healthcare you will receive in a foreign country can be of concern. Being covered by a great travel insurance company and policy offers benefits that will ensure you take off on holiday without having to second guess how you will be able to deal with a health related incident on the duration of your travels. Here are some of the biggest benefits of having health insurance in place when you are travelling:

You don’t have to wait for treatment

If you find yourself feeling ill or getting injured whilst abroad, then it is imperative that you are not left waiting for treatment. Prolonging medical care can result in the illness developing and can mean you suffer from further complications further down the line. By signing up to a high quality travel insurance policy you will be able to meet with a doctor quickly and deal with whatever problem you have there and then.

Free or significantly less costly healthcare

Healthcare can be expensive, especially if you are left with fewer options as to where you can receive help in a foreign country. Health insurance can mean you receive free or discounted healthcare from your travel insurance provider. For example, if you are travelling to Europe, it is important that you always carry an E111 card with you at all times as it can save you from paying out a fortune for your healthcare.

Health insurance can save your holiday

The best thing about some health insurance plans is that they can save you from being ill and also mean you don’t have to miss out on seeing through your hard-earned vacation time. Some health insurance suppliers not only cover you for your healthcare but also include other benefits that cover things such as trip cancellations and lost luggage etc. Be sure to consider whether a wider insurance policy would benefit you on your travels.

You are always prepared

We never think that an emergency or illness will happen to us until it does and we are caught unawares. While we all believe that our holiday will run smoothly, it is imperative that we always prepare for the worst case scenario and a travel insurance policy would mean just that. As the saying goes: it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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