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Yoga in pregnancy is a boon for expecting mothers because it helps them throughout the pregnancy, during delivery and also in post-delivery stage.Yoga paves the mode for a soothing psyche and flexible body which eases out many pregnancy problems and make you more self controlled and focused.

Yoga in pregnancy adapts the mind and body for the unexpected changes and abnormal situations that may take place before and after pregnancy. Yoga reduces the doldrums and resultant strengthens, tones the abdominal muscles and legs, dilates the pelvis for easier labor and the best thing is that it ensures swift recovery after delivery.Consult your doctor before practicing yoga in pregnancy

Before practicing yoga in pregnancy you must consult with your doctor. If you are not inured to regular exercises then you must start your practice slowly and must always do the asanas under the care of an expert instructor. You must never forget that every asana needs to be modified according to the physical changes in your body and you must stop it immediately if it causes any uneasiness. Poses that compress the abdomen and uterus can slightly extricate the fetus and must be shunned.

Yoga is boon for pregnancy

But in case if you are practicing yoga at your home then it very important for you to know that there are many types of yoga which is not good for pregnant woman. You must always remember that all the balancing and standing exercise must be done in closeness to a wall to prevent grievance. It is possible that you can fall due to imbalance. The poses that focus on twisting should be on back or shoulders importantly and post first trimester of pregnancy the poses that tells you to lie on back should be avoided because it can confine blood flow to uterus. You must always practice yoga in a calm climate.

Yoga in pregnancy is very helpful in restoring tranquil and it also focuses by raising the energy level and slowing the metabolism. And this not only heightens the confidence of the pregnant woman but also heightens the concentration level and endows her extra self control so that she can face the challenges of pregnancy.

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