Will the surgery be a success? Do I really trust my surgeon? Will there be any complications during the surgery? How long will the recovery process take?

These are some of the common thoughts that arise in the mind of a heart patient on the eve of his heart surgery. Stress and anxiety play with his mind and build a pool of negative thoughts. Such a situation can be controlled if you trust your surgeon.

Health is Wealth. Hence, it is important to remain healthy and choose the top cardiologist in India. Anything happening especially to the heart, which is the pump house of our body, is a point of concern. Undergoing a heart surgery is a scary thought in itself. However, preparing your body and mind well before surgery is the key to successful recovery.

Here are few important tips to be followed before heart surgery.

  •    Follow controlled and well-balanced diet: It is difficult to change your previously bad eating habits, but you need to be careful on these aspects before surgery. Opt for a heart-friendly diet, avoiding food with high sugar, salt, and fat content.
  •    Go for weight loss if you are overweight: Losing extra kilos may help in controlling your blood pressure and avoiding any complications during the surgery.
  •    Quit bad habits: We all know that smoking and alcohol are injurious to health. They directly affect the heart, causing irreversible damages. Hence, say goodbye to smoking and alcohol if you desire a healthy life after surgery.
  •  Do regular exercise: Exercise is always good for health. Being a heart patient, you might not be able to go for heavy workouts. However, you can opt for light exercises that do not cause overexertion. These exercises keep you mentally fresh and physically fit for the surgery and also enhance your recovery time after surgery. You can also consult your doctor on this.
  •    Keep yourself relaxed: It is normal to feel stressed before going for a heart surgery. However, you are advised to keep yourself relaxed for better outcomes. There are different ways of achieving this, such as having sufficient sleep, talking to people, get involved in recreational activities, and last but not least, getting all your queries and concerns addressed by the doctor.

Please keep in mind that heart surgeries are a normal procedure with the enhanced knowledge and recent advancements in technology. Following the suggested tips will definitely keep your journey smooth before, during and after the surgery. There are a number of best heart hospitals in India, and one of them is Plexus Interventional. It is a well-equipped cardiac hospital with an excellent feedback on services. You can consult Plexus Cardiac Centre in Rajkot and keep your worries aside and relax.

You can trust Plexus because it knows the importance of a healthy heart and thus the importance of LIFE!

Book an appointment for stress free experience and quick recovery.

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