Pregnancy and breastfeeding

When you are pregnant, the important part is to get ready for the birth of the baby. Routine check-ups along with classes are par for the course as far as pregnant women is concerned. A lot of energy will go into the physical items you will need. The would-be moms are clear about the birth plans, and be aware of what to expect in terms of baby clothes or accessories. But what about breastfeeding when the baby arrives on the planet.

Pregnancy in relation to breastfeeding

So, what have you planned? You need to be clear about breastfeeding so that it is beneficial for both the mother and baby. The approach you need to take as far as breastfeeding is concerned works out to be important. One may be familiar with the idea of freestyle breastfeeding, which means that the baby is fed on demand. This might be the best approach for the mother. But many mothers feel nervous by the mere thought of it. It is not necessary from an emotional point of view, but from the feeding angle.

Breastfeeding is a lost art in the modern era, and most mothers are so busy that they ignore benefits of it. Lactation support in Bangalore stresses on the importance of breastfeeding for both the mother along with the baby and what you give the baby presently has a huge role in shaping up the future.

The rhythm of breastfeeding

The moms can set a breastfeeding rhythm for the baby from the very beginning. It Is part of nature and will provide a different experience in terms of breastfeeding. With a conscious approach, you can help your baby to establish a routine digestive or asleep rhythm which helps to formulate a balance between sleep and activity. In addition to this, if a rhythm is established it helps both the mother along with the baby as you can predict when your baby will be asleep and work around that. It also involves your family and it empowers them with the benefits of breastfeeding.

To have a clear vision about breastfeeding before the baby arrives is the stepping stone to success. A lactation consultant in Bangalore is there to guide you during this process. They are trained professionals who are aware of the techniques of breastfeeding and it is their emotional support which works wonders for the mother. A lot of times a mother would have people around to help her and sometimes the process of breastfeeding occurs in a natural manner. If this is not the case and if a lady has no one to rely upon, the role of a lactation consultant comes into the picture. It is suggested that you get in touch with the hospital where you are planning your delivery and see to it whether they have on their list. If that is not the case then opt a private one as their services cannot be ignored. Most of the hospitals tend to provide it at free of cost, but in case of others a charge is levied by them.

Some of us are of the opinion that the pain during breastfeeding is normal and this is a way for the body to specify that things are not right. The trait of breastfeeding is that it needs to be a pain free process.

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