Oval Face Shape

Known for its versatile abilities, these gals are blessed with a shape that welcomes a variety of hairstyles. Measure your face from hairline to eyebrows, eyebrows to tip of nose, nose to chin. If there is equal distance from hairline to eyebrows, eyebrows to nose, and nose to chin, and length is equal to about one and half times the width, with your face tapering down to an oval chin, you have an oval face. Even though the oval shape is not hindered by harsh restrictions, it is important to choose a style that best describes you, one that you will feel comfortable wearing. It does not mean you can’t experience with something funky. Remember, that just because something is in style, it does not mean that it will fit your personality. If you don’t wear it like you own it, you have missed the whole point of your out of the box hairstyle.Layers, Bangs and Ponies Oh My!

Truth be told, an oval face shape is considered to be the ideal out of the bunch, therefore there is more freedom in the styles that you can choose. Based on whatever feature you would like to highlight, layers work best for this shape, no matter what length of hair you have. Layers at chin will accentuate the jaw line. Shorted layers at the cheeks will enhance your cheekbones. You can also do a variety of different layers that fall at your cheekbones and the chin. A great example is Jennifer Anniston’s haircut. Although more on traditional side, it fits her character without stripping her of the sex appeal. If you tend to be on the petit side, longer hair can make you look shorter then you really are. If you are committed to the long locks, try cutting shorter layers in front for a balanced look. Another style that can be flattering on this shape is a slicked back pony tale, exposing your beautiful shape. Be aware that this style will most definitely bring attention to your eyes and other facial features, so make sure you’re ready for that kind of attention. These tips are just the basics; consider your hair texture and personality when choosing a new do. If you have not tried a new hairstyle in years, cut it! A great haircut can strip up to 10 years and invoke a new and vibrant you!Nature’s Choice

While you might get the urge to go from straight to curly and vise versa, these days when we barely have time to shave our legs, it is best to choose a hairstyle that will naturally fall into a stylish finish without the hard labor of styling tools. Do not try to force your hair to be something it is not. If you have curly hair, don’t go for a due that will require a flat iron every day. Instead go for a cut that will be inviting to your flirtatious curls. The point is to choose a cut that will flatter you without over exhausting your locks. It goes if you have straight hair or really fine hair. Fine hair tends to be more fragile as it is, so putting a curling iron to it everyday will results in broken and lifeless hair. Choosing a cut that’s layer up and about shoulder length will give you best results when trying to create more body. If you are not skilled in the styling tools department, bangs can be a great way to ensure a stylish look, even when your hair is up. Not only do they make you look youthful, they create an automatic style without much work. Whether straight, wispy or side bangs, dare to explore the uncharted territory. When considering bangs, keep in mind your hair type and stay away form really short bangs. What I find flattering with most women are bangs that are just below the brows. This look will also bring attention to your eyes.

Make-up Tips

Eyebrows! Defining your eyebrows can do more for your face then all other make up combined. I learned this from a makeup artist years ago. He said that if you don’t have time to do anything else, just put on mascara and define your eyebrows. It is amazing how these two steps will pop it your eyes and facial structure. When it come to contouring or adding blush, oval faces have more liberty in choosing what features they desire to flaunt. If you wish to enhance your cheekbones, apply blush or darker bronze just beneath cheekbones and blend towards the temples. Adding a little bit of flushed pink on the apple of cheeks can add a very fresh and nice look. Adding highlighter just above the cheekbones and the temples will pop out your cheeks, and bring attention to your eyes, not to mention give you a very youthful and fresh appearance. I am not a fan of heavy foundation; unless I am doing a photo shoot. If you have freckles, don’t cover them up! Sometime our God given beauty marks add more character and enchantment then we perceive.

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