Natural beauty tips – using vitamin E to your advantage

Natural way to look beautiful is to consume more fresh vegetable and fruits. Though there are many cosmetic products in the market, but very few prove to be effective. All of them advertise that they stop skin ageing and removes wrinkles just to lure more customers. One of the important nutrients needed for skin nourishment is vitamin E. Skin cells need vitamin E for re-growth, and many of the cosmetic creams that you apply don’t even reach these cells. Studies have shown that the adverse side effects caused by exposure to ultra violet rays of the sun can be reduced by applying anti-oxidants on the skin. All the cosmetic products include vitamin E.

According to a recent research, a study conducted on human’s in order to analyse the effect of ultra violet rays on the human skin, showed that people who were exposed to UV rays had a damaged skin cell tissue whereas those who had applied creams with vitamin E had prolong protection which could be seen for two to three days. Inflammation and cell damage are the affects of exposure to UV radiation. This found by monitoring the flow of blood to the exposed area, affected body part stops responding due to lack of blood supply due to cell damage. The scientists were successful in their tests and research that vitamin can prove very fruitful in ageing and further applications in the study of skin cancer.We found that the tests were successful in finding the effectiveness of vitamin E against UV rays, but the question that arises here is will it be effective when used in cosmetic creams and lotions?? There are also many fake advertisements like Vitamin E helps in strengthening the eye lashes. Scientists and doctors don’t know from where this rumour spread because science really doesn’t support that clause. The best know way to darken and strengthen the eyelash is by using pencil eye-liner or a mascara. Science says that where antioxidants are required only there vitamin E should be used.

Some cosmetic products advertise that vitamin E can also be used to repair or heal skin ailments like scars. Study has proved that these products are only trying to defy the customers by faking, to increase their sales. A constructive research was also conducted to find the effectiveness of vitamin E on scars. But the test didn’t materialize because there was no considerable change in the healing process; in fact side effects like irritation, dermatitis and allergies were found in the scar area and also the surrounding area.

There is no other best source of anti-oxidant other than vitamin E. It should be taken on medical prescription as it is very effective against repairing damaged liver and its protection, and reducing the side effects of smoking. Its main use is in the field of skin research. We have already seen the benefits of Vitamin E; it forms a protective layer over the skin when exposed to UV rays.

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