Important Causes for Male Infertility

One of the widespread problem worldwide is infertility. According to statistics, infertility rates is highest in countries in Africa, Europe, America, and Australia. Infertility doesn’t just affect female but there are also high risks for males. The distribution of male infertility worldwide ranged from 20% to 70%.

A survey said that one out of 20 men suffers in some kind of fertility problem. And one out of 100 has no sperm when he ejaculate.

 The male infertility is usually caused when either sperm production or sperm transport has problems.

The important known causes of male infertility are the following:

  1. Sperm Production Problem

Low sperm count and poor sperm quality are the two major reasons for male infertility. Genetic problems can be one of the reasons why there is a problem in sperm production of a male individual. Another reason can be undescended testes; this can happen when there is a failure of testes to descend during the child was born. This can also be experienced by men who have been prescribed by heavy medication for ailments like typhoid, tuberculosis, and syphilis.

  1. Blockage of Sperm Transport

Someone can be born with a blockage in the vas deferens. This vas deferens are tube like in the male’s reproductive system that carry their sperms from the testicle and epididymis going to the prostatic urethra. Blockage can also be caused by some infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhea.

  1. Sexual Problems (Erection and Ejaculation Problems)

Sexual dysfunction can be experienced by many men but this can also be a cause for infertility. This problem is most often a result of physical problem such as diabetes, heart disease or side effects by some medications. Also, it can be because there is a problem with the erection of a man before and during the sexual intercourse. This can also be experienced when there is a premature ejaculation that happens even before or right after penetration.

  1. Hormonal Problems

Contrary to the belief that only women experience this problem, there are also a percentage of men who have hormonal problems that causes infertility to their part. This can be because the pituitary gland fails in producing sufficient LH and FSH for it to stimulate the testes that will lead to production of testosterone and sperm.

  1. Sperm Antibodies

According to some studies, there is actually an unknown cause for sperm antibodies. But to some studies, there is a possibility that it can be developed and generated by the man producing the sperm. Usually, this is produced when a male undergoes vasectomy. A trauma to the male’s reproductive tract can also be a reason of defect between the sperm production and his immune system. Usually this trauma comes from sports injuries.

There are other common causes such as the sperm is unable to enter the woman’s vagina where the fertilization happens. But whatever the causes are, it is highly important that a man should have a regular check-up to know how their bodies are even before getting married, especially when they have plans of having a baby.

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