How Your Body Reacts When You Quit Smoking

Smoking, like any other type of addiction, takes time and willpower to quit. The body is used to years of toxins and smoke. Any smoker can admit to having some unpleasant side effects.

Quitting is another journey altogether

When people decide to stop smoking, the body reacts to this change almost immediately. Many former smokers have reported to having normal heart rate hours after the switch to the quitting smoking. Many smokers switch to vaping as a safer way to enjoy tobacco. Below are some of the changes you will expect when you drop the cigarette.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Nicotine is highly addictive, and it has its withdrawal symptoms when you go cold turkey. You might experience physical effects such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting, headache, and coughing. These withdrawal symptoms have seen some smoking addicts resume to their old habit.

These withdrawal symptoms are severe and require medical attention to ease the pain. The body also goes through emotional withdrawal symptoms like depression, mood swings, and insomnia among others. The best way to curb these withdrawal symptoms is to try vaping. The new e-cigarettes have the tobacco e-juice option that helps you enjoy your good old tobacco without harming your body.

Improved Blood Circulation

When the body is exposed to years of smoking, the blood vessels narrow and interfere with blood circulation. Most smokers complain of cold hands and feet. This is because the blood does not flow freely to these organs.

When you quit smoking, the most noticeable change is the warmth in your hands. Quitting the cigarette makes the blood vessels wider and is restored to their normal size. Your blood pressure lowers minutes after quitting smoking. Your usual high blood pressure and increased heart rate become a thing of the past.

Better Smile

Most smokers complain of yellow teeth and bad breath. The tar in the cigarettes stains the teeth and exposes the mouth to infections that cause bad breath. The good news is that all these horrible effects are reversible. When you quit smoking, the stains fade away, and your breath freshens by day.

Most smokers have also complained of thinning of the lips after smoking for long. These effects fade away in no time after quitting smoking. Avid smokers can have their self-esteem back after years of feeling unwanted and judged. You will not only be smiling inwardly, and the positivity will be seen right in your mouth.

No Odor

The horrible tobacco smell of a smoker can result in low self-esteem and social segregation. Most smokers have had to live with the smell of tobacco on their clothes, body, and even apartments. The trouble of having to go to the garden to smoke to avoid spraying your entire house with tobacco fumes come to an end when you quit smoking.

Most vapers enjoy their e-cigars without putting off people in public places. Your cologne will stand out and not have to compete for space with tobacco. You will walk with your head high once again when your pores produce normal sweat as opposed to the tobacco-filled sweat.

Better Taste and Smell

Your taste buds will be at their best when you quit smoking. You will notice the improved taste of food. You will be more conscious of bitter flavors and spices. The other significant improvement is in your smell. You will even notice and hate the tobacco smell all over your clothes.

This can happen within hours or days. Most people can tell between a sweet smelling perfume and nasty smelling perfume hours after quitting smoking. You will notice less weird glances and cover of the nose after you pass by.

Rejuvenated Skin

The free radicals in cigarettes affect the skin by making it dull and wrinkly. Your skin is likely to appear youthful and rejuvenated days after quitting smoking. This is like a natural detox from all the free radicals and carbon monoxide.

Your hands are the first victims of these aging side effects. When you put the cancer stick down, your hands will appear younger and brighter.

The body is likely to resist the new changes with the withdrawal symptoms, but it will thank you a few days later. If you want all these changes, you can try out vaping.

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