How To Use Yoga For Breast Cancer Sufferers

In a recent study on breast cancer patients, it was found that breast cancer survivors who practiced yoga asanas have reported having a reduced fatigue. It was found that practicing yoga can reduce the fatigue as much as 57 percent as compared to the survivors who did not practice yoga. The result of this study has been published recently in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The study also found out that the inflammation also reduced around 20 percent in people who are practicing yoga.

According to the experts, one of the major problems of the survivors is – reduction of the cardiorespiratory fitness. The treatment for breast cancer is debilitating and it makes the survivors tired and exhausted. Yoga is quite beneficial in reducing both inflammation and fatigue in the cancer survivors.Yoga also helps the survivors to get out of the depressive symptoms that they face post-surgery. After practicing yoga for around 12 weeks, the survivors reported a drop of around 41 percent in terms of fatigue and 12 percent drop in inflammation. In the study, the researchers measured the activation levels of the cytokines interleukin-6, interleukin-1 beta and Tumor Necrosis factor-alpha. It was found that immediately after the yoga sessions the levels of these three pro-inflammatory cytokines were low. Depressive symptoms were lower in groups that practice yoga, but not significant.

After a period of three months of practice of yoga, it was found that there is 57 percent reduction in fatigue in the group that practice yoga. And, the inflammation reduction has been reported to be around 13 to 20 percent. In addition to the practice of yoga, a good sleep can further reduce the problem of inflammation. Thus, the breast cancer survivors need to practice yoga and must make it a point to sleep well.

A reduction in fatigue will help the breast cancer survivors to be more active and the inflammation is also much less. Thus, they will be able to engage in various activities. Thus, the researchers and experts are claiming that yoga has a much larger benefit for the breast cancer survivors than just physical benefits. The breast cancer survivors need to be more physically active in order to reduce inflammation further and cope up with fatigue too.

So, you can see that yoga can really help the cancer survivors to lead a normal, healthy life. Breast cancer often leads to other health problems like type 2 diabetes, coronary heart ailments, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s. There are different types of complications that occur, especially in the aged patients. Yoga can be beneficial for the improvement in sleep patterns, energy levels, food consumption, physical activities, and depressive symptoms.

Yoga has many parts – breathing, medication, stretching, and strengthening. To see an overall improvement in the health of the breast cancer survivors, all forms of yoga need to be practiced. However, the cancer survivors should make it a point to consult with their respective oncologists to know whether they should practice certain types of yoga poses. Yoga poses should be practiced in the presence of a yoga trainer only.

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