How To Use Eco Slim With A Fasting Diet To Get Better Results

Since the beginning of the last century scientists have explored the hypothesis that caloric reduction can extend people’s lifespan as well as their quality of life, resulting in overall health benefits if supplemented with a weight loss pill like Eco Slim.

Since then, the conclusions associated with the 30-40% reduction in energy consumption have shown that life expectancy could be extended by about one-third, with an apparent decrease in the incidence of diseases and their risk factors. More recent studies in the last ten years have confirmed and reinforced this idea, showing results in improving insulin sensitivity, cholesterol levels, and weight loss, regulating appetite control and satiety.

There are, however, several ways to use a fast diet to lose weight in addition to the use of Eco Slim. Two of them are most frequent: intermittent fasting and fasting on alternate days (for example the “5:2” diet). What varies between these two methods is the degree of caloric restriction and the number of days of the week when fasting.

Let’s not forget that this approach to weight loss should not be applied in all cases. It should be noted that after the first 3-6 weeks using the Eco Slim formula, the levels of appetite and mood, as well as the psychological state in general, are (entirely) altered and may compromise diet compliance, but usually, at the end of this period, they regulate. It is, therefore, fundamental that the person is fully prepared and mentalized for this strategy and aware of what it implies.

Under the initial stage, the feeling of hunger is usually no longer understood with the character of sacrifice and punishment and becomes a goal to be achieved and overcome. It may indeed be a significant ally in weight management.
<h3>Don’t Use Eco Slim To Lose Weight If You Have Chronic Health Problems</h3>
Current studies do not include diabetic subjects controlled with medication, athletes, pregnant women, the elderly and children, who are the groups of the higher vulnerability of glycemic control and specific nutritional needs. Therefore, the use of this approach is not recommended in them.

It also seems clear from the studies so far that the results of intermittent or alternate day diets produce weight loss and cardiovascular protective effects similar to those of a typical calorie restricted/controlled diet.
<h3>But Then, How Does This Approach Work?</h3>
In the case of fasting on alternate days, on the days of fasting (1 or 2 days a week), the person is allowed to eat between 500 and 600 calories (about 75% caloric restriction), depending on whether it is a woman or a man, respectively. On the other days, you can eat “freely.” You have to understand that this “freely” must always follow some rules and above all, there must be common sense and balance since on fast days there are many essential nutrients that are not ingested and must be replenished on non-fast days (vitamins, minerals, essential fats, and fiber).

It is also important to emphasize that in every day of the Eco Slim plus fasting plan, hydration is essential. On the days of fasting, it helps not only to moisturize but also to mask the sensation of hunger. On the other days, it assists in the restoration of optimal functioning of the organism.

<strong>In a diet with intermittent fasting</strong>, the person does a caloric restriction in the order of 40-50% for 1 to 3 days a week and in the others can eat “freely.” You should follow the same advice for hydration and food intake for the remaining days.

<strong>In a simple calorie restriction diet</strong>, the restriction is around one-third of the energy requirement every day of the week.

It is not recommended that on days of fasting (75% calorie restriction) people engage in physical activity, at least of an intensive level.

In conclusion, if the ideal method of weight loss had already been discovered, we would not continue to seek new approaches. The key to this objective is that you choose the solution that best suits your motivation, your preference and your ability to comply because the results of Eco Slim can in most cases be very similar across the various options.

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