How to Lodge a Medical Negligence Claim against an NHS Care Provider

As we are all aware, the National Health Service is very much overstretched, as it struggles to handle the extremely high number of UK citizens that require medical treatment, and unfortunately, there are occasions when a patient suffers as a result of medical negligence. We are, of course, only human, and mistakes will be made, despite taking every precaution, and long hour days with little time off is very conducive to making errors, and when this happens, often the patient suffers in some way. If you, or a family member have suffered as a result of medical negligence by an NHS care provider, here is some useful advice on making a formal complaint.

Seek Out Legal Experts

Every branch of law is complex, and with medical negligence claims, having an experienced solicitor in your corner definitely improves your chances of a positive outcome. The Internet is always a good source of information, and whether it’s medical negligence law experts in Newcastle you are after, a Google search will point you in the right direction. If you live in the UK, look for a law firm that is a member of Action Against Medial Accidents (AVMA), as this ensures the practice is both reputable and established.

Free Initial Consultation

Any reputable law firm that specialises in medical negligence claims would offer you a free initial consultation, during which the legal expert would assess your claim, and if he or she felt that there is insufficient evidence to support the claim, you would be advised not to pursue the matter. If, on the other hand, the solicitor agreed that you have a strong case, the law firm would be happy to represent you and the first step would be to compile and send the formal letter of complaint.

The Letter of Complaint

This would need to include all the relevant information regarding the circumstances of the alleged medical negligence, along with specific details stating what the patient is looking for as a result of the complaint. It might be a compensation award, and if this is the case, your lawyer would help you to calculate a figure. There are many things to take into consideration, such as any medical expenses the patient has incurred, and loss of earnings as a result of the negligence, and an experienced medical negligence lawyer would know the upper limits for any claim, and would help you to arrive at a figure that is fair, and one that takes everything into account. Once the letter is complete, it should either be sent to the NHS care provider concerned, or the Trust that regulates it, as every NHS care provider is governed by a Trust, and each would have its own complaints procedure in place.

The most important thing to remember is to seek expert assistance when making such a claim, as this will improve your chances of a positive outcome, and with online legal firms that are very experienced in this field, your claim will be presented in the best possible light.


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