How to choose a right facial for your skin tone?

Every woman is beautiful and to add that extra wow factor and want to look more beautiful, all of us like to take special care about our skin. The general steps involved are cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, face mask and moisturizing. However, before hitting a parlor or a spa for facials etobicoke, it is very important to know your skin type and the right products/ways that suits your skin and your skin’s requirements.

The first step is to determine your skin type. Feel your skin when you wake up in the morning.

  • If it feels dry and stretchy, then you have dry skin
  • If it feels oily, obviously you have oily skin
  • If it feels ok to touch, then you have normal skin
  • If you have normal and dry patches here and there, then you have a combination skin.

For Dry skin:

            For people with dry skin cleansers and scrubs should be mild as scrubbing and exfoliating it will further make the skin dry and hard to stretch. Intense moisturizing creams and hydrating gels would be a go to leave your skin soft and supple. In order to nourish your skin, your mask should contain creams or oils or fruits or water based formulas. Basically opt for moisture in every step and avoid scrubbing. Pick a moisturizer that is thick and gets absorbed easily

For Oily Skin:

            Oily skin should be treated with utmost care as any wrong product can cause an outburst and may last for a long time making the face look bad. In the first step of cleansing, choose for deep cleansing products to remove that underlying dirt and oil which is the reason for oily skin. If you have acne also, then be sure to use products that are not harsh on the skin and avoid scrubbing also. Exfoliations should be done very softly but the scrub should be a tough one that can remove dirt easily. Using clay or mud mask would be a good option as it dries the oil and tightens pores.

For normal skin:

            If you have normal skin, your options of choosing products are vast. Depending on your skin’s requirement you can choose the products. If you are looking for good cleansing, you can choose from mild to strong cleansers based on your requirement of anti-aging, toning or moisturizing. But remember to scrub with a mild product then. You can choose heavy moisturizing creams and hydrating masksduring the facials etobicoke.

For a combination skin:

            The major concern of people with combination skin will be uneven skin tone. Hence, opt for procedures that help you to get moisture into your skin and even out the skin tone as well. Basically choose for products that clean the dirt without taking away the moisture of your skin.

Frequency to get facials done:

            To start with, you can get a facial done once in a month. And as you keep doing it, you will get to know the frequency of its requirement by your skin.

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