Heart Shaped Face

Think Scarlet Johansson, your face is wider at the forehead and temples tapering down to the cheeks and a narrow, sometimes pointed chin. Unlike the square shape, hearts do not bear a strong jaw line. Jennifer Love Hewitt is another actress that has a very distinct heart shaped face. If you were to measure your face across your forehead, cheekbones and jaw line, the results will show a far wider forehead and cheekbones in comparison to the much narrower jaw line and chin. The goal with this shape is to create an illusion of a wider jaw line and a narrower forehead. The right haircut and style will do just that and charm those around you with your sweetheart looks.

Side swiped bangs are your friends! There is a lot or room to play with your beautiful heart shape. Try playing around with chin length cuts, and bobs. Bobs are great at adding fullness where you need it. Swept- forward layers are very flattering to your face. Typically, blunt bangs tend to make your face appear shorter and wider and are not recommended for the heart shape. Long layers that graze your cheekbones are best if you have longer and thicker hair. Layers that hug the jaw line fall on to your face, which is ideal for your shape. The point it too divert the attention from your chin and up to the eyes. Short styles tend to be very fitting to your face. Try a pixie cut that has tapered and wispy layers. If you have longer hair, a cut that adds volume around the bottom of your face will create balance. Avoid too much height at the crown, this will bring attention to your chin and make it appear narrower then it is.

Nature’s Way
Go for a cut that will be suitable to your natural hair type. Don’t force your hair to be something it is not. A great haircut is one that you can air dry out of the shower and be on the go without spending an hour styling it. If you haven’t mastered the skills of styling tools, do not get a cut that requires diligent blow-drying or curling. If you have curly hair, give it the liberty of bouncing. If you have straight hair, do not force it to bounce. The point is to choose a cut that you can transform and play around with as well as one that looks great without all the preparation. A good hairstylist is like an artist. To them your face is a canvas they can paint on, except instead of paining they chop. Tell them what you are looking for and be open to their suggestions.

Make-Up Tips
The goal of heart shaped faces is to draw attention away from the chin and up towards to cheekbones and eyes. You can do this by simply defining your eyebrows, a tip that often gets overlooked but bears with it much benefit. Heart shaped beauties tend to have great cheekbones so make sure to utilize your assets! Apply blush on the ball of the cheek and blend toward the center of the ear for a softer look, or apply bronze or a darker color just below your cheekbones and blend towards to temples to create a more dramatic and defined look. If you wish to make the forehead appear narrower, apply a matte bronze on the outer side of your forehead; this will create a shadow, making your forehead appear narrower. When it comes to your eyes, it really has to do more with your eye shape then face shape, so play around and see what works best for you. When choosing a more dramatic look, consider the time of day. Heavy make-up tends to make women look older. Remember, sometimes less is more.

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