Have a Sneak Peak Inside InsightHealth.io – Learn How it will Link Health Technology

With the advancement of healthcare and technology, the applications of these two sectors have crossed all the boundaries and they have played an important role in the solution for affordable healthcare. New innovations happening around the world are giving rise to the new horizon of hope. Though it has been a slow process, the trust and the reliability on mHealth (mobile health) and telehealth (remote/virtual healthcare) have improved due to advanced technology and strong security standards. InsightHealth.io provides digital healthcare solutions for consumers and for businesses. They manage virtual practices, develop healthcare apps, and develop custom employee wellness services. For consumers, InsightHealth.io serves as a home for health data on the web: identify trends in your health data, and get advice navigating the wide range of online health services that exist today.

InsightHealth.io is developing reliable resources and reviews of existing and new health resources on the web. They help mHealth services and health tracker devices connect and work well together. Looking at research statistics, the demand for mHealth is clear with 60% of people are downloading health apps from their smart phones. It is also seen that out of 100 men, about 54 of them are have smart phones they use for health tracking. Among the men, most of them are having the average age of 35 years. 85% of the people in these days do use the social media for knowing information regarding health.

Economic evidence also shows why most of the people in these days are depending on mHealth. Across the world, the mobile phone subscribers are growing from 1 billion to about 7 billion in the last few years. With the wide spread of mobile usage, people are now depending more on the wearable devices that are helping the patients to detect the problems by just using the tools. With the increased rate of smartphone users, most of the research and development into mHealth has served as a catalyst in the healthcare sector: identifying and address the inequities in the various health service location by optimizing delivery of therapies, shortage of the medical providers, and minimizing the huge health care costs.

InsightHealth.io is the mHealth solution we have all been waiting for, businesses and consumers alike. Their strategy helps promote the rehabilitation and early detection of acute and chronic disorders, as well as general health promotion and maintenance. Drawing from their team’s extensive experience in healthcare, marketing, and creative media – InsightHealth.io leverages social, interactive, and creative media alongside industry-standard security measures. Sound clinical reasoning leads to better outcomes and increased client engagement: the keys for remaining healthy in a digital age.

Visit: www.InsightHealth.io for an example of the type of services they will be creating and stay tuned for the beta launch of their website slated for September 2017.

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