Hair Loss and the Benefits of a Hassle-Free Treatment

Hair loss affects many people every day. Normally, people shed 50 to 100 hairs a day, but when this number is significantly greater, hair begins to thin around the scalp. When you start to notice more thinning around the scalp, you are most likely experiencing some degree of hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss

Generally speaking, there are three broad categories of reasons behind hair loss. The first is use of certain medications. Birth control, arthritis, and depression medications can result in hair loss. Cancer patients may experience severe hair loss because of chemotherapy.

The second category is hormones and medical conditions. Fluctuating levels of different hormones, which can be seen in pregnancy and menopause, can cause hair loss. Some people also have a condition called alopecia, in which the immune system of the body destroys the hair follicles. Several conditions of the thyroid can produce hair loss and thinning, too.

Lastly, the third category is genetics. Sometimes the rate at which people lose hair and the age at which it starts depends on their genes. Baldness is not just exclusively a condition afflicting males; female pattern baldness exists as well.


Some doctors prescribe medication to treat hair loss. The most common medication is minoxidil, or Rogaine. Using your hands, the medication is slowly and thoroughly rubbed into the hair usually twice a day. People typically will experience a decrease in the rate of shedding or even an increase in hair growth.

Some patients will choose to undergo surgery to treat their hair loss. In this surgical procedure, the surgeon removes small patches of skin that have several hairs on them from the back of your head. The surgeon will then transplant the pieces to the areas of the scalp where the most hair loss was experienced. There is a healing period and, as with any surgery, there is a risk of infection and scarring as well.

A Hassle-Free Treatment

Medicated lotions can be messy and surgery brings with it many unwanted risks. Do any other interventions exist that could help people experiencing hair loss? Thankfully, one such treatment exists for women. Several hair treatment facilities and hair salons are employing the use of non-surgical female hair integration.

With this procedure, the first step is normally to attach a flexible mesh to the scalp. This flexible mesh can be glued and heated or woven through the hair. The better option is to weave existing hair through the mesh because it reduces the chance for weak hair to break. Then, hair is added to the mesh in a way that makes it appear natural. Some facilities use human hair while other facilities use synthetic hair. Stylists who apply the mesh work hard to give the scalp a natural look while ensuring that the mesh is secure.

Because special facilities knowledgeable in the mesh application and hair styling perform this procedure, the last step is to style the hair. This procedure offers an excellent alternative to treating hair loss along with the comfort of having it done in a peaceful setting.

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