Get Rapunzel-Length Hair without Growing it Out

Some women want long hair without having to spend the time growing it out, others may desire thicker-looking hair, and yet others just want to enjoy different hairstyles. Luckily for all of these women, hair extensions have greatly improved over the past few years. Instead of popping into a beauty store and buying some hair extensions off the rack, working with a hairdresser who has the education and experience to make your hair extensions look natural will give you an amazing look without a lot of time.

Are Hair Extensions Right for You?

Before making an appointment for hair extensions, it’s important that you know whether or not they are really right for you. If you are looking for the confidence boost that comes with long, shiny hair or simply want to change your look, then hair extensions might be a good choice for you. Another great reason to get hair extensions is if you are trying to grow out a short cut that isn’t working for you. Extensions can add instant length and get you through that awkward growing-out stage that comes with every short cut.

What Types of Hair Extensions Are There?

There are three main kinds of hair extensions that you can get and they vary in price and how long they will last. Clip-in extensions are the least expensive kind of extensions but won’t last very long, making them perfect for a special night out. Tape extensions will last up to two months but women with these extensions need to be careful when exercising and washing their hair so the tape doesn’t lose its adhesive. Finally, keratin extensions are the most expensive but last the longest and look the best.

Keratin hair extensions take a few hours to put in your hair but can last through vigorous workouts or swimming and won’t easily fall out in the shower. In general, these extensions last three to four months and look the most natural.

How to Choose the Type of Hair Extension?

Unless you are a hair expert or have had extensions before, going to a reputable salon is the best way to make sure that your extensions look natural and are high quality. Any salon that specialises in hair extension in Perth is a great resource. Hairdressers can help you choose the colour and length and guarantee that the extension is made completely from human hair.

Once you have decided that you want hair extensions, it’s important to do your research and to go to a hairdresser who can put them in your hair for you. Resist the temptation to do them yourself as an amateur job will never look as great or seamless as one done by an expert. You will live with your hair extensions for a while and don’t want them to be obvious.

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