Fatty Liver vs Cirrhosis

There are many stages of liver disease. Among them are fatty liver and cirrhosis. It’s very important to know the difference, as each condition has its own risks and treatments.

Fatty Liver is a benign condition, meaning that it is not necessarily harmful to the body. Any time a liver consists of 5-10% fat by weight, it is considered “fatty”.This condition does not cause pain or bodily function problems, so it must be found by a doctor during routine checkups and blood tests. Fatty liver is more of a litmus test for your overall health. Think of it as a warning sign for more serious conditions that lie ahead.

Cirrhosis, on the other hand, is irreversible scarring of the liver. Usually it is caused by long-term liver disease, like fatty liver. This scarring causes the liver to function improperly, and eventually fail. There are several ways to treat liver cirrhosis. The first is to solve the underlying condition that caused liver damage, if there is an underlying condition. This could include influenza, hepatitis A or B, or autoimmune diseases (HIV). After treating these medical conditions, certain lifestyle changes should be made:

Stop Drinking Alcohol
Modify your Diet (Eat nutritious foods and avoid high-glycemic carbohydrates)
Limit Salt Intake
Talk to your doctor about the liver effects of medications you are taking
Apart from that, there are several other simple steps you can take to restore liver health. Fortunately, if you catch liver disease early, you can avoid cirrhosis entirely.

Just a few years ago, I was on a crash course toward extreme obesity and complete liver failure. When my doctor told me how serious my liver had degraded, I started doing some serious research. What I found out shocked and amazed me.

Long story short, I made a few simple (and easy) changes that put me back on track. Most people don’t know that a few of their habits are putting them on a course to eventual liver failure…

So, I created a free newsletter on reversing fatty liver. Along the way, I’ll show you how curing your fatty liver will also improve your overall health and destroy that ugly gut.

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