Fatty Liver Treatment

Many people overlook the importance of treating fatty liver immediately.
Because fatty liver is not immediately life threatening, they procrastinate making the changes in their lives that will correct the problem that cause liver damage in the first place. This is the wrong decision for one very important reason; it could mean death.

Not to be too extreme, but somebody has to tell you. Untreated fatty liver could lead to inflamed liver (steatohepatitis). Inflamed liver could lead to scarred liver and liver cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is irreversible, and requires a liver transplant. If a liver transplant cannot be found, the patient (you) will die.Of course, as your doctor will tell you, not everyone with fatty liver eventually develops cirrhosis and dies. In fact, a very small percentage of people will let their body degrade to this level.
At some point, they realize that the habits they have today are leading to a very grim future. But what I’m getting at is that you should not wait until you have a doctor telling you about the beginnings of liver scarring before making changes in your life.
These changes aren’t as bad as you think either. I’m not going to ask you to run 5 miles per day and eat nothing but vegetables and non-fat yogurt like most “healthy experts”. Besides, even if you could sustain those crazy diet and exercise programs, their complete lack of proteins and healthy fats wouldn’t lead to your ideal body anyways.
So in a minute, I’ll list the major changes you can make to reverse fatty liver disease. This is just a roadmap, so don’t be frightened when it seems like a daunting task. Like Confucius said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. I’m just giving you the roadmap for now. We’ll get into the exact steps later on.
Before we start though, there is one very, very important thing to note.
Liver Disease has two main causes
Other Diseases (viral hepatitis, etc.)
Poor Lifestyle Habits
It is absolutely essential that you see a doctor and rule out the first cause before starting to change your lifestyle habits. I’ll repeat that part: You MUST go see a doctor.
Changing your diet and exercise won’t help one bit if you have another disease that is killing you. So, this list of Fatty Liver Treatments is only to be used after you have seen a doctor and been properly diagnosed:
Treatment 1: Treat Metabolic Syndrome (“Syndrome X”)
Metabolic syndrome is marked by extremely unstable blood glucose levels (also known as “blood sugar”).
In fact, it is often the first sign of Type II Adult Onset Diabetes, a generally avoidable condition.
Metabolic Syndrome has the following symptoms:
Cravings for sugary, high carbohydrate foods
Lack of energy
With the advent of cars and packaged foods, many people today are working their way from healthy to Metabolic Syndrome to Type II diabetes.
There are a few simple changes that you can make in your diet to reverse this problem. These changes are nothing like the “traditional” low-fat, no-meat, no-taste diets the industry has been pushing for years.
These diets don’t work.
I don’t have enough room to get into detail here, but I talk much more about diet changes for a healthy liver (and body) in my fatty liver newsletter (see below).
Treatment 2: Exercise
When you exercise, you deplete the muscles glycogen stores.
During your next meal, these glycogen stores are refilled using glucose released by the liver and insulin released by the pancreas. Think of it like emptying a bucket of water and refilling it.
In sedentary people, this process can’t take place, as the muscles are never depleted. More insulin is produced, more fat is created, and the cycle leading up to Type II Diabetes begins!
The minimum exercise I recommend is walking.
20 minutes per day of walking can reduce insulin resistance and stop the degrading cycle I just mentioned. You don’t have to power walk or flail your arms like a deranged housewife.
Just get out there and move for a few minutes. Every time I answer a call on my cell phone, I start walking. This alone gives me 30+ minutes of legitimate exercise per day.
Of course, I get into all sorts of other exercise in my fatty liver newsletter. But the most important thing to do is take one step in the right direction, right now. Walking fulfills this need.
There is so much more I can’t cover in this one article, and if you’re serious about renewing your liver health, losing excess weight, and becoming “healthy as an ox” again, I highly recommend signing up for my Liver Health Newsletter (below). More importantly, if you want to avoid serious pain and health problems in the near future, you need to stay aware of what is happening with your liver health.

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