Effective Diets to Get Your Desire Body

There are countless diets that promise to make us lose pounds without effort and in a very short time, but we must be very careful with them, as they can carry a risk to our health. Therefore, I wanted to select the best diets to lose weight in a healthy way. In these ways you can get your body shape cool as well you want according to your desires.Although, to tell the truth, the infallible diet is the one that best suits your body. Take a look at the best trends to lose weight and rest a happy diet!

1. Diet of 8 hours

It is a diet that has surprised us pleasantly, because it is quite simple, effective and allows you to eat everything you want. The idea is that, for three days, you only eat within a period of 8 hours. In this way, the body is fasting for 16 hours. You can eat everything you want, although we discourage refined carbohydrates such as sugar, bread or pasta. But if you are desperate to take them, you can do so while combining them with an energy food, for example a fat burner (dairy, chicken, lentils, etc.) or healthy foods (vegetables, whole grains or oats).

2. The blood types of diet

It’s the impact of food on the body depending on the blood group of each individual. Blood diets have some types which are mentioned bellow;

Type 0:

  • They should consume lean meats, poultry, fish and seafood, always accompanied by vegetables.
  • Avoid the consumption of dairy products like eggs and cereals.
  • They will be able to lose weight with fish and shellfish, organ meats, broccoli and with intense exercise or sports of great physical effort.

Type A:

A vegetarian diet is perfect for this group.

  • They should avoid wheat flour, dairy products and meats.
  • They will lose weight with pineapple, vegetables, olive oil and soybeans.
  • The most appropriate physical activities for type A are moderate or relaxing activities such as yoga and swimming.

Type B:

  • The most balanced diets for this group should include a variety of foods, such as lean meats, fish, dairy products, fruits and green leafy vegetables.
  • They have little tolerance to chicken, pork, sausages, shellfish, seeds, nuts and cereals.
  • Physical activity should be moderate and balanced.

Type AB:

  • Most of the foods indicated and contraindicated for groups A and B are applicable to it.
  • Olive oil and citrus fruits are beneficial for them.
  • They should avoid crustaceans, red meats, corn, wheat, beans and seeds.
  • They will lose weight with vegetables, fish, dairy and pineapple.
  • A relaxing physical activity is appropriate for this type of blood.

  • The Detox Diet

    It is very common to make this diet after the holidays. It is a cleansing diet to eliminate all toxins from our body. This will take you only a week and at the end you will feel totally new:

    Day 1 and 2: This method begins with a complete cleaning where only liquids and juices are swallowed:citrus fruit shakes, infusions, juices and homemade vegetable soups with carrots, squash, leeks, celery and zucchini.Second day you can add some tablespoon of oil. It is important to filter everything so that only liquid is swallowed. Here are some ideas for your juices.

    Day 3: The diet of the first days is maintained, alternating vegetables and adding a little lean cheese and yogurt. Soups may not be fully filtered, including pieces of vegetables.

    Day 4 and 5: Dry fruit, fish or steamed chicken begins to be added to the diet little by little. A bit of legumes will be good too, but you should continue to maintain a low-calorie diet, with shakes, soups and infusions.

    Day 6 and 7: Maintaining the detox diet, you can add a small potato to the broth, a bit of cereal for breakfast or a yogurt in the afternoon. Once the week is finished, in addition to being detoxified, you will surely have lost more than three kilos.

    Do not forget that sport is a fundamental element in any type of diet. So you know, to practice it to enhance your fitness!

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