Cutting or bulking cycles

Boldenone is a steroid which is commonly known as Equipose. It was initially developed to be used in horse and cattle industry which had to be injected in the animals. The use of this steroid has not been approved by any Government legally in the world to be used by the humans. But whatever boldenone is used are directed from the veterinarian labs or made in secret laboratories to be sold in the black market. It is only available through underground channels or veterinarian laboratories. If Boldenone cycles are used by the humans, it is quite dominant. The usage of this steroid involves the cutting or bulking cycles when used by humans depending upon their body’s capability to put up with.

When one is using a steroid, it is very important to keep in mind that the supplements that have been taken in needs some time to get mixed in the body. There may be reduction in the rate of side effects, but does not eliminate the chances completely. Before a person begins with any steroid cycle, he or she must undergo a check-up to ensure that there are no under-lying medical conditions. Usage of steroids varies from one person to another and so does their outcomes. Therefore it is always wise to begin taking steroids with a low dosage of that particular steroid and then observe the reaction on the body. If one finds or develops the symptoms or side effects then one should stop using boldenone immediately.

The side effects of consuming Blodenone are as follows:

Increased acne: It is one of the biggest and the most common problems found in people who use Boldenone. People develop acne on their chest areas, the back of their body and the areas around the shoulder. So, if one is acne prone, then one should be under constant usage of anti-bacterial and anti-acne soaps.

Act as an appetite booster: People following the Boldenone cycle, get constant hunger and cravings to eat and hence cutting or bulking cycles of Boldenone has to be taken care of accordingly.

Gynecomastia: It is also an abnormal condition where there is enlargement of glandular tissues of the male breast. This is due to the excessive secretion of estrogens and less of androgens, as should be the case.

Increase in Blood pressure: People, who have opted for the Boldenone cycle, may experience an increase in the blood pressure when the cycle goes on. Either the person should pause the cycle then and there or he or she should undergo proper medication to keep blood pressure under control.

Development of body and facial hair: Women may tend to develop extra hairs on their faces and other parts of their body which is actually abnormal in nature.

Enlargement of clitoris: Due to the intake of Boldenone steroid, females experience the increase in the size of the clitoris section either intentionally or abnormally. If someone is uncomfortable with the increase in the size, then that person can take necessary actions.

Deepening of voice: There might be a change in the vocal cords; the vocal cords might become heavy and deeper which may seem unusual. This is due to the intake of steroids and its side effects.

Symptoms can sometimes be permanent. Therefore, it always wise to be extra sure before consuming any kind of steroids and should also have knowledge about maintaining the dosages.

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