Cosmetic Foot Surgery

A good portion of the female population is passionate about their stilettos and sky high heels. Walking on them is admittedly painful but most of the shoe loving femmes are willing to sacrifice comfort just to get the “look” they are vying for. For some women, there is a hindrance to their love affair with high heels: bunions, overly large feet and uneven toes among others. Cosmetic foot surgery is now at the rescue, but to what cost?What is Cosmetic Foot Surgery?

This surgical procedure is closely associated with the branch of medicine known as podiatry, which is the study, diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle and lower leg disorders. However, not all podiatrist or doctors specialized in the field of podiatry are qualified to perform surgeries on the foot; further training and certifications are required.

Before, cosmetic foot surgery was limited only to the removal of warts and bunions on the feet to alleviate the discomforts cause by these conditions. However, in recent developments in cosmetic surgery, this procedure has now evolved into the alteration of the form and structure of the feet for cosmetic reasons, such as to improve the appearance of the feet or to reduce them to the right size that can perfectly fit high heeled shoes.

One technique performed for this type of cosmetic surgery is to make an incision on the toe to expose the bones and then make adjustments in the size of the bone by removing a portion thereof, or removing the entire bone and replacing it with an artificial substitute to create a smaller toe. The procedure is definitely more complicated than what is described, because the surgeon will need to make sure that the functionality of the feet is not adversely affected by the reduction of the toe’s size.


Some surgeons do not recommend cosmetic foot surgery solely for aesthetic purposes. The feet are subjected to a tremendous amount of wear and tear (similar to tires on a car) and any complication that may result from the procedure may have very serious consequences on the patient’s capacity to walk. As such, if you are contemplating on getting cosmetic surgery on your feet, make sure to have a serious discussion with your surgeon. Understand the possible side effects of the procedure and weigh this against the perceived benefits that you can achieve from the surgery. If you are certain that the procedure is right for you, take pains in finding the right surgeon who will perform the procedure. Make sure that on top of the surgeon’s qualifications, he or she must have extensive experience in foot surgeries and the previously performed procedures should have excellent success ratings.

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