Can Lysine Cure Herpes? Research And Update For 2018

Herpes viruses remain in your body for your entire lifetime. Herpes natural treatment options are helpful. Nevertheless, there is no way to get rid of these viruses. The problem is that every person has one or more viruses from the herpes family and may not be aware of the fact. Let’s dig deeper and see different options available for herpes patients.

Prescription drugs for herpes are not the best answer to treat herpes. These drugs have a wide range of side effects, including hepatitis, kidney failure, and shock. They also suppress your immune system. Dietary suplements and natural remedies offer you positive aspects without the side effects. Natural approaches can help with prevention and with active outbreaks as well. The most common supplements for herpes are lysine, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin E, adenosine monophosphate, and lemon balm (Melissa officinalis).

Getting lysine can be as easy as consuming higher-lysine foods. This dietary strategy is even far more useful when the high-lysine foods are also comparatively low in arginine. Arginine seems to undermine the effects of lysine and to make outbreaks worse in common. You could also take lysine supplements, which are available at most nutrition shops.

Here is what scientific analysis has to say about lysine vs. herpes. Notice that not all of the study agrees with the usefulness of lysine against herpes. See the examples below of what scientists have stated on this subject:

1. From the journal ‘Herpes’ in 2005: Concluded that there are insufficient clinical information on six typically utilized organic remedies for genital herpes, like lysine, to assistance claims of efficacy and security of any of these supplements.

2. From the journal ‘Chemotherapy’ in 1981: Found that arginine deficiency suppresses viral reproduction and that lysine had an opposite impact by antagonizing the viral growth-promoting action of arginine.

3. From the journal ‘Dermatologica’ in 1978: Patients who had frequent recurring herpes infections had fewer recurrences when taking up to 1,200 mg of lysine every day. This write-up also confirmed, in lab experiments, that lysine suppresses viral replication even though arginine enhances it.

4. From the journal ‘Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy’ in 1983: In an experiment with 1,543 subjects, an average every day dose of 936 mg of lysine lowered the recurrence and frequency of herpes infections in 84% of the men and women by the finish of a six-month trial.

How to Get a Higher-Lysine Diet program

The simplest step for benefiting from a lot more lysine in your diet regime is to eat foods that have the highest lysine content material and the lowest arginine content material. Both of these widespread amino acids, even so, take place in all of the proteins in every food that you consume. You must, as a result, pick those foods with the greatest lysine to arginine ratio. The best foods to consume, with the highest lysine-arginine ratio, are cheeses and other cultured dairy goods. The bottom of the list, which means foods with the lowest lysine-arginine ratio, consist of most nuts and particular fruit juices.

Of course, you can magnify the positive aspects of dietary lysine by supplementing with about 1,000 mg of lysine every day. This is particularly beneficial if you have frequent or long-lasting outbreaks.

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