Best Yoga Stretches For Pregnancy

Women often wonder whether exercising is a good thing during pregnancy. There are stretches for pregnancy that can actually help in the process of giving birth. There are yoga positions that are beneficial to pregnancy. If you are pregnant and had never been to exercising and yoga before, it is definitely a good time to start doing yoga stretches. Yoga positions will help you toned and active. Yoga poses also have calming effects on the foetus. It helps in their overall mental and physical development.

Benefits of stretches for pregnancy

Yoga relieves stress. During pregnancy, a woman goes through different stages of stress. With yoga you can keep stress at bay and can maintain a normal blood pressure. If you are suffering from high blood pressure during pregnancy, yoga helps in the reduction of the pressure. The breathing exercises are of great help to a pregnant woman. The yogic breathing techniques help to breathe slowly and fully. Thus, breathing exercises during pregnancy helps in filling your lungs fully and exhaling completely. It helps in better oxygen supply to the brain of your baby.

A great benefit of doing yoga during pregnancy is that there will be better oxygen supply to the brain, which helps during child birth when the adrenalin kicks in. At that time, the muscles will relax and cause less discomfort instead of tightening. So, to have a painless labor, you must make it a point to do yoga during pregnancy. In short, yoga and stretches for pregnancy actually prepares your body for child birth.

Practice standing poses that will help to stretch your groins, shoulders, and hips. It will help to open up the lungs and chest muscles. In addition to that it will strengthen the muscles of the legs and get them ready to carry the extra weight in pregnancy. Doing this pose will help in relieving hip pain, and pain in shoulder, neck, and back. If you are experiencing dizziness, yoga will help you get relief from that too.

Caution while doing yoga

While doing yoga during pregnancy is good, there are certain things that you should be cautious about. There are certain stretches and positions that you should avoid. If there are any positions that require you to lie on your back, don’t do that. It will only reduce blood flow to the uterus. You should also avoid doing poses that require you to stretch your stomach muscles. It can cause more harm than good.

Helpful yoga poses

There are certain yoga poses that will help you during pregnancy. One of the great poses is the Cat and Cow poses. These poses warm up the spine and help to shift the weight of the baby away from the back. Thus, those provide great relief during pregnancy.

The triangle pose is there to help you stretch the torso. However, in the third trimester you may be instructed to use a chair to do this pose. Doing this pose will help you strengthen your feet, legs, and spine. It will help to stretch the calves, spine, and the muscles in the hamstring.

There are plenty of other poses that you should do during pregnancy. However, you must do those in presence of an instructor to avoid any accident or injury.

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