Beauty Tips for Your Face Shape

Square Face

Grab a ruler and measure your face across your cheekbones, jaw line and forehead, from widest point to widest point. Now measure from the top of your hairline to the bottom of your chin. Write down the measurements and now compare the results. If your face is almost or equally as long as it is wide with a pronounced jaw line, you have a square face! Don’t let the age-old stereotype of being a “square” fool you when defining your face shape. Unlike the “not with it” characteristics of being a “square”, many Hollywood beauties share the angular, sharp and strong features of a square face shape. Because this shape has very sharp angles, the goal for this face shape is to soften the features. With this shape, you can play around with a lot of different haircuts and styles that will flatter your face and bring out the hidden treasures of those edges.

Layers and More

Layers are your friends. Even if you choose to go for the shorter style, make sure it has plenty of different size layers around your face. Ask your hairdresser to give you soft edges for a more feminine look. Waves and curls are very welcoming to this shape. They help to bring roundness to the face and take attention away from the strong jaw-line. Think wispy layered locks and falling towards your face. Side swiped bangs with wispy ends create a diagonal illusion and take the focus away from the sharp jaw line. In most cases, avoid blunt cut bangs; although, I have seen some on square faces that look stunning. Bangs will always bring the focus to your eyes, so make sure your baby blues are ready for the attention. Whether you’re going short or growing out your mane, remember that waves create curvy lines that give a very sultry and sexy affect to square faces. Choppy layers that start at the jaw-line are fitting for this shape. Avoid one length cuts, long or short.Nature’s Guide

Choose a cut that will be friendly to your natural hair type. With this shape there are so many options to choose from. Let your curly locks go wild and free, waves are very fitting for your square visage. Ends that are soft, wispy and tapered, fall gently around the face without creating sharp lines. The main thing to remember is avoiding blunt and straight cuts. Try doing a side part; this will soften your features. The best kind of cut is one that gives you a great style without a lot of effort. These days, it seems our to-do lists keep getting longer and longer, spending an hour frying your hair with a flat or curling iron can be escaped by the right cut!

Make-Up Tricks

A makeup artist told me once, that when you have no time to do your make up, just mascara and defining eyebrows makes an incredible difference. Thicker eyebrows are recommended for this shape, stay away from plucked out thin lines for eyebrows. Properly defined eyebrows bring the attention up to your eyes and bring out your facial features. Do a test at home by putting on mascara on one eye, and then define the eyebrow.


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