Armodafinil vs. Modafinil – What is the Difference

People sometimes confuse Armodafinil to Modafinil, and many usually wonder what the difference between the two is. Modafinil and Armodafinil are closely correlateddrugs used to boost the energy levels and promote focus and alertness. Modafinil was developed in France and was initially prescribed as a treatment for narcolepsy in 1994. Modafinil in the USA is currently being sold asProvigil. As a matter of fact, it is sold in local pharmacies and in online pharmacies as well. Perhaps the best way to get Modafinil online in the USA is going to anonline pharmacy like Afinilexpress and simply order Provigil online.

Armodafinil, on the other hand, was a follow-up to Modafinil and has been in use since 2007. It is an enantiomer of Modafinil, meaning that it has a modified chemical structure. Both Armodafinil and Modafinil are wake-promotingagents, and they are increasingly being utilized to enhance mood, vigilance,and concentration. They have also been used to treat ADHD though they have not been approved for the purpose, theyare prescribed as “off-label.”

What is the Difference?

Although the two drugs may exhibit some similarities and maybe used for similar purposes, they have some few differences which are worthnoting.

Chemistry. Modafinil comprises 50% R-Modafinil(Armodafinil) and 50% S-Modafinil. In this case, it implies that if you have taken Modafinil before, then you have taken Armodafinil.

Duration- according to some studies, Armodafinil lasts few hours longer than Modafinil. The duration of Armodafinil is therefore problematic to some users prone to insomnia.

Potency-Armodafinil is more expensive, and it is a purified potent form of Modafinil, thus requiring a slightly lower dose (150mg vs. 200mg).

Date of FDA Approval– Modafinil was discovered and utilized clinically before the discovery of Armodafinil. The FDA approved Modafinil in 1998 while Armodafinil was approved some years later in 2007.

Chemical differences between Armodafinil and Modafinil

The main chemical differences are that Modafinil contains both the R and S enantiomers of the Modafinil molecule. The mixture of the two enantiomers is said to be “racemic.” On the contrary, Armodafinil contains only R-Modafinil and is thus said to be “enantiopure” (containing only one enantiomer).

In simple terms, Armodafinil is thought to be purer than the Modafinil, and that is why the standard dose of Armodafinil is 15mg while that one of Modafinil is 200mg.

Half-life and duration effects of Modafinil vs. Armodafinil

The R-Modafinil has a half-life of 12-15 hours while the S-Modafinil has a half-life of four hours. In that case, Armodafinil, which contains R-Modafinil, is expected to have a longer life in the human body than Modafinil which includes both R-Modafinil and S-Modafinil in equal measures.

Armodafinil also takes a longer time than Modafinil, to reach peak concentration in serum. It is sometimes thought that the enantiopureArmodafinil may be more efficient in treating the too much daytime sleepiness than the racemic Modafinil because of the delay in reaching peak concentrations.

Well, these are the main differences between Armodafinil and Modafinil. You can order Modafinil online in the USA as Provigil which is the standard Modafinil brand. Modafinil online pharmacy is cheaper than on counter purchase, and it will take you a few days to get your medication without going to the pharmacy!

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