Are Women Also Addiction Prone

When the term pornography comes up, the majority of the mind goes on thinking that it is a guy’s thing. This is the reason parents often have an eye on their growing sons, so that they are not introduced to such videos. But now there is an alarming rate of increase in even females who are into watching porn.

Just as a person who drinks regularly, is not necessarily an addict. Similarly, it is not necessary that someone who is a regular viewer of porn will become an addict. The case is both for men and women. But this again does not mean that addicts don’t exist. As per a research recently, it has been estimated that about 70% of the men are somewhat a bit addicted to porn, while the percentage of women being addicted is on an increase and at present it is about 28%.

Experts have come up with a number of reasons of why women are getting addicted to pornography and now you can find places where women can receive help from their porn addiction.

Reasons Of Why Women Get Addicted To Pornography

The addiction to porn is not something that takes place in one day. It is a long going process and sometimes the seeds have been sown during the teenage. Here are some of the possible reasons that may get a girl get into pornography.

Curiosity About Sex: Today the world is open to the word ‘sex’. So, often teenagers get curious about what it is and how it is. The best option in this case that they have is to surf the internet and get ideas from there. In the meanwhile, maximum of the teenagers get in touch with the porn videos and hence this may become a regular habit.

Being With Friends: Often one spoiled fish spoils the entire pond. The same proverb fits for the teenage porn addicts. If the group of friends has one particular member who is a regular viewer of porn, she will influence others also to view it. Now may be for many it will only be a matter of excitement, but for some it may get addictive.

Means To Impress Boyfriends: Boys are of course addicted to porn during teenage. In this age if they have girlfriends, they expect to experiment such new things with their girls. This influences the girls also to get introduced to the porn.

How To Deal With The Addiction?

Getting addicted to pornography can have a number of bad impacts, especially in relationships with spouse. This is the reason why it is important to know where can women receive help from their porn addiction.

Having a conversation with your spouse is the best thing that can be done. Sometimes, talking about it and then practicing to stay away from it by diverting the minds can be the best possible way. But when all these tricks fail, then it becomes important to contact a counselor or an expert to start an addiction recovery program soon.

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