All you Need to Know About Preparing for Motherhood

Becoming a parent is indeed a very special experience, and you and your partner need to be fully aware of exactly what parenthood involves. For one thing, you are both accepting a lifelong responsibility, and therefore, you should be in a stable relationship, and have an adequate income to support a child. There are other things to consider, and for that reason, any woman who is considering pregnancy should undergo pre-conception counselling and screening prior to ceasing any form of birth control.

Pre Conception Counselling

Ideally, the woman would attend a series of discussions with their obstetrician, who would go over the details of how a typical pregnancy would unfold. If, for example, a woman wanted to learn more about a pre pregnancy check-up in Singapore, there are reputable clinics where she can receive the very best advice and care during this wonderful period.

Pre Conception Screening

This is to determine if there are likely to be any risks during the pregnancy, and would involve asking about family history, and also whether the woman is, or was, suffering from any disease, even if it has remained undetected. This stage will also assess if the woman’s health is likely to be affected by a pregnancy, and these evaluations are an important part of the preparation process.

Nature to the Rescue

Initially, most women are terrified at the thought of becoming a mother, which is perfectly understandable, seeing as they have never experienced it. Thoughts and doubts would creep in, but at the end of the day, nature will prepare you well, and instinct will guide you during your learning journey as a mother. Of course, you should research as much as you feel you need to, and with the right obstetrician in your corner, things are sure to go smoothly.

Class Learning

You can enrol in classes for basic baby care, where you will learn how to safely hold and carry an infant, and also techniques for changing and bathing, and once you have made the decision to become a parent, you should attend pre-conception counselling and screening at an obstetric clinic, and then you can make regular appointments that ensure the very best of care during all stages of the pregnancy.

Planning the Birth

When you are about 10 weeks into the pregnancy, this is the time to make an appointment with a local obstetrician, when you can have some tests carried out to determine the presence of Down syndrome, and as the pregnancy continues, you would have regular ultrasound scans to ensure that foetal growth is as it should be. Your obstetrician would discuss the birth with you well in advance, and unless there is reason to do otherwise, a natural, vaginal birth is always recommended.

There can be some side effects during pregnancy, so be prepared for some morning sickness, and as your body changes in preparation for the birth, it can be a little uncomfortable at times, but you are in expert hands if you make an appointment with a qualified obstetrician.

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