A List of Easy and Inexpensive Ways You can Lower Your Exposure to EMF

There’s no doubt that we now have more convenient lifestyles, thanks to technology such as electricity, the Internet, cell phones, and other electrical appliances and gadgets. But along with these advantages and conveniences come some significant health risks that cannot be ignored. For instance, all electrical devices and gadgets emit a level of electromagnetic frequency which can be detrimental to our health and the health of our loved ones. Some conditions associated with EMF overexposure include migraines, fatigue, allergies, and even cancer. However, if you want to lessen your exposure to EMF, there are some effective ways to do so. Here’s a list of easy and inexpensive ways you can lower your exposure to EMF.

Whilst working on your laptop or computer

If you have to use your laptop, don’t place it on your lap. Work as far from it as possible – avoid direct contact. This means making use of an extra keyboard, for instance, as well as an extra mouse so you don’t have to touch the laptop’s keys directly. If you are working with a desktop computer, make sure the cables and wires of the computer are kept away from you, and the same goes for transformers as well. In addition, keep the cables and cords clean and dust-free.

Whilst using your cell phone

All of us have cell phones nowadays, and the smarter the better. But cell phones are some of the riskiest gadgets you can use when it comes to EMF exposure. When using your cell phone, keep it as far from you as possible – use the speaker mode or use headphones. If you can, just send a text or SMS rather than call. Also, don’t keep your cell phone next to your body or in your pocket. If you have to bring it with you, keep it in a bag or purse. Turn off your cell phone when not in use, as it can still emit EMF even on standby mode.

On electrical appliances and devices

We are surrounded by electrical appliances and devices in our homes, from televisions to microwaves, refrigerators, and more. Whenever you can, turn off these devices and unplug them when you are going out or going to sleep. Even lamps can emit electric fields, so if you have lamps in your bedroom, this may interrupt your sleeping pattern (EMF is known for suppressing the production of melatonin). Keep your bedroom area as free from electrical devices as possible – if you like watching television, just place your TV in the living area or den.

Make use of EMF protection

There are also a variety of EMF protection products you can take advantage of, including jewellery such as pendants. These are all-natural products which can shield you from harmful EMF. By taking steps to protect yourself, you can benefit from enhanced peace of mind – and better health, too.

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