5 Yoga Exercises – a Perfect Neck Pain Reliever

Experiencing pain has grown unconditionally due to frequent accidents, stress and various other reasons. You feel even more uncomfortable when the pain area constitutes of your neck and spine. People often refer to a doctor to get relieved of this pain. But, the fact is that no medication can relieve you of this pain. The only way to overcome neck pain is by doing specific exercises on a regular basis. Thus, it is more wise if you spend the time and money in visiting yoga centers and doing neck related exercises.

Here, you will be learning about five different types of exercises that can and will surely relieve you of the miserable pain that has stopped you, being you!Eight-point shoulder opener

Start by lying on the floor with your tummy facing toward the ceiling. Draw your right hand out at a 90 degree angle away from your body. Keep the palm facing upwards. Make use of your left hand under the shoulder to press away. You can bend the left knee and try and reach the left toes just at the back of your right knee. If you feel that you cannot hold a stable position, roll over. It feels comparatively better.

If you wish to reach the left arm towards the ceiling, flex your palm and slowly drop the hand towards the floor. Keep that position as long as you feel comfortable. If you are privileged with a bigger area slowly clasp both of your hands and breath gently. Do it as long as it makes you feel relaxed.

Shoulder opener on blocks

After kneeling, place two same sized blocks right in front of you. After this gently place the elbows over the blocks. Bring both the hands together in a praying position. After this, let loose of your hands between the two blocks, and then reverse the prayer position down the back.

Once you have attained this yoga position, take 10 long deep breaths.

Cow face arms

Once you are in a kneeling position, stretch your right arm towards the ceiling. Bend the right elbow and flexibly allow the weight of your hands to constrain the shoulder opening(do not push).

You can take five deep and relaxed breath. After this try and lean back slightly or if the clasp in easy and comfortable try and gently let your left arm drop down. After this reach the left hand from the center of your back keeping intact the right hand. Take up 5 deep breath, fall back marginally into the arms. Make sure that the right arm is not applying any added pressure on the neck.

Standing forward fold with shoulder opener
While being in the standing position clasp both the hands behind the sacrum. Bend and fold your body forward. Try and stay soft through the knees. Takeup 5 deep and relaxed breath.

Shoulder opener at wall
Rest both your forearms on the wall . Keep it parallel and below the hight of your shoulder. Keep the elbows shoulder at a distance. Take a couple of steps away from the wall. And gently allow the head to relax facing down, between your arms. Try and take 5 deep breaths, do not rush just be relaxed.

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