4 Reasons Why Live-In-Care Is Better Than Nursing Home Care for Your Elders

Live-in-care is amongst the most intense level of home care. It is ideal for our elderly parents, who are no longer safe to live alone, and at the same time, we also don’t want to relocate them to a nursing home or any other long term elderly care centre. The frequent disturbing headline of newspapers surrounding the home abuse and neglect can’t be overlooked. Though these situations represent the exception rather than the overall picture, still it is hard to convince yourself of placing our loved ones in a nursing home.

If your parents have some health problems

Furthermore, in some circumstances, especially those dealing serious health issues like Alzheimer’s, the option sending them to elderly home care centre may not be the best of options. Due to this health condition, your loved one will have trouble processing and remembering new things and information. In simple terms, they will be distressed and confused adjusting and living in an unfamiliar environment. Your parent can stay in the residence they are familiar with and makes them feel comfortable.

From companionship to ensuring there is someone, a caretaker around to look after the well-being of your loved one when you are busy in the hustle and bustle of city life.

  1. Personalised one-on-one care

The live-in-caretaker that you hire solely has only one purpose, and that’s to ensure 100% care for your loved one and quality care. They will offer one-on-one care to your parents to achieve ultimate comfort.

  1. Confidence to live freely

Where are your parents most comfortable? Where do they feel most confident and open to participate in any activity? The answer, most likely, is your dwelling. Not only is the recovery process smoother in the calming familiarity of the house environment, also have better control, and the ability to live a meaningful independent lifestyle.

  1. Achieve A better lifestyle

By staying at home, it’s quite easy for parents to maintain their same lifestyle. They can continue with their day-to-day routine-keep their beloved pets and engage in their usual social activities. Many, who go into an elder care centre, feel isolated from their social life, which can further lead to feeling as they have lost their independence.

  1. A Cost effective option

Live-in-care is an economical option for people, who require caretaker for their elderly parents for long term. For the similar or even lower price as one bed within a nursing care centre, you can receive bespoke care for them, including mental, social, and emotional needs. In addition, gives you the opportunity to freely enjoy social activities, outings, meals, while receiving care tailored to your parent’s individual needs.

The level of friendship and trust which is developed between live in carers and service users is unlikely to be matched by other care provisions.

Finding a carer for your elders is an extremely stressful affair, however, you make it easy by going through client reviews and suggestions over the internet. Also, ask your relatives and friends for recommendations for live in carers service provider.

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