4 important Phases of Drug Rehab

Every day we face stress on so many levels. Some people tend to use alcohol or drugs to ease that stress. In many cases, that tendency becomes a strong abuse and addiction. Becoming a drug addict can negatively affect your personal and professional life. Drug addiction will not only harm your health and future, but also can negatively influence the whole society and economy. Getting rid of drug addiction is not impossible. Drug rehab is one of the most effective and powerful treatment methods.

  • Drug rehab definition

Drug rehab or rehab stands for rehab rehabilitation. It refers to treatment standards and measurements for making addicts recover from their addiction. Treatment steps include enabling patients to resist the urge for using drugs. Rehab will also help patients avoid all addiction related consequences. Drug addiction can lead to several consequences on social, financial, legal or physical sides. Rehab aims at achieving full recovery to addicts. It also aims at enabling them to re-enter the society and lead a healthy and sable life.

  • Famous steps of drug rehab

Rehabilitation process takes time. It usually consists of many consecutive phases. These phases are:

  1. Enrolment in a center

This step is also known as intake. It is a very important step in a drug rehabilitation process. You need to find a proper rehab center that can fulfill your treatment needs. Choosing that centre doesn’t only depend on recommendations or suggestions. You need to visit the centre yourself before enrolling. You need to sit down with a representative from the centre and ask about the followed treatment methods and protocols. Almost all reputable and decent centers won’t accept a patient without performing necessary tests. These tests can show the patient’s compatibility and readiness for their protocols. Rehab centers take their turn in asking patients important questions about his addiction, family and close circle. They can discuss few details on your substance dependency to know your condition closely.

  1. Detox

Detoxification is when your body disposes all traces and residues of the substance you are using. Doing this step properly means that you can have a successful recovery and rehab. At this point, patients can suffer from withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms usually appear with 6-12 hours of quitting the substance abuse. Withdrawal symptoms vary intensity. This variation depends on many factors such as the nature of the substance, addiction period and the patient’s body. Patients should not go through detox alone. Medical supervision is necessary, as some medication can be involved.    

  1. Rehab

You can call it the moment of truth. This step follows detox and it is all about self-confrontation. With the help of professionals a patient will be able to recognize, admit and face. During rehab phase, patients will learn how to accept and deal with the reasons behind the addiction without relapsing once again.    

  1. Aftercare

This is a very important and challenging step because patients will have to leave rehab facility and get on with their lives. They will get regular follow-ups to help them adjust to clean and sober life.   

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